Editorial Policies for the Publication of Blog

1. Original and unpublished blogs are invited for the publication on any issue of public policy and governance.

2. The blog should be for the exclusive publication of DSPPG Blog.

3. The blog should not exceed 1500 words.

4. The blog should not be plagiarized.

5. The blog should be sent in MS word format.

6. A policy of double-blind peer review is followed for the publication of blogs.

7. The manuscript may be returned for revision to the author if so required by the Editorial Board.

8. The copyright in the blog will vests in the Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance, University of Delhi.

9. The Editorial Board has the right to make necessary changes in the blog for editing purposes.

10. It is the sole discretion of the Editorial Board to accept or reject the manuscript.

The blogs may be sent to Joint Director, DSPPG at