Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance

Our Publications

Our research & publication outputs aim to bring out evidence-based policy recommendations for an effective, efficient and inclusive policy-making and good governance. Our research & publication works are characterised by an inter-disciplinary engagement with innovative ideas, strategies, models, methodologies and theories that can promote ingenious and equitable policymaking for the contemporary world full of complexities and uncertainty. Accordingly, our research works focus on exploring paradigms of public policy and governance to deal with contemporary problems. Our research is published through the following three channels

Policy Papers

The DSPPG policy papers are meant to be well-researched works that offer policy suggestions based on rigorous research richly accompanied by relevant references and contexts. A policy paper undergoes an internal review and is expected to be accessible to non-technical but otherwise informed reader. The scholarly standards, requirements for attribution and documentation in a policy paper are the same as for a research paper. Submissions are restricted to the eminent scholars and policy makers invited to write a paper and to people involved with activities of the DSPPG.

Policy Blogs

The DSPPG blogs are meant to be short policy notes or briefs on contemporary policy issues. A blog is a brief non-technical article based on research works or field experience. Blogs will be written by eminent scholars and policy makers by invitation and people directly involved with activities of the DSPPG.

Books and Journal Articles

Books and Journal Articles are policy-related research and academic publications of the faculties and fellows of the DSPPG. This list does not include the publications mentioned in the policy papers and policy blogs of DSPPG.