Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance

Prof. Ram Singh

Our vision is shaped by the national aspiration enshrined in Part IV of the constitution. Accordingly, at the Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance (DSPPG), we are committed to contributing to the capacity and capability of various organs of the state to promote the welfare of the people by securing and protecting a social order in which justice, social, economic and political inform all the institutions of the national life.

We believe that a well-designed public policy and effective governance are crucial for a nation to realise its socio-economic and other objectives. We endeavour to equip lawmakers, policymakers and researchers to enhance the quality of policymaking and governance. Our academic programmes aim to generate a stream of tomorrow’s leaders who are able, enabled and effective in bringing long-lasting positive change in an increasingly complex and challenging world. Along with the formal policies and regulations, our teaching and research programmes cover the informal social institutions, which are salient features of governance in India.

We are a new school guided by the fundamental duties in Part IVA; we strive toward excellence in all spheres of individual and collective activity so that the nation constantly rises to higher levels of endeavour and achievement. We see school as an interdisciplinary platform for learning and research on Public Policy and Governance, where the academic rigour blends with empirical evidence and practical experience to promote knowledge about processes of policymaking and governance. We see the DSPPG as a springboard of purposive discourse on effective and equitable design and implementation of public policy by providing context-relevant policy inputs.

It is my pleasure to invite active policymakers, lawmakers and private sector participants dealing with public policy to associate with the DSPPG and be part of a world-class institution on Public Policy and Governance in the context of developing countries.