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**New Economic Ideologies in the Indian Constitution
**New Public Policy, Law and Governance for India's Amrit Kaal


The Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance has been set up by the University of Delhi under the Institutions of Eminence (IOE) scheme of the Government of India, whereby the University has been recognised for its potential to be a leading international academic institution. Accordingly, the DSPPG aims to bring together cutting-edge researchers, world-class scholars, public and private policy practitioners, and legal experts to deliver a unique set of research, teaching and training programmes. Our research programmes focus on a wide range of public policy and governance issues.

Our short-term training courses cover diverse issues to enable young academics, professionals and policy practitioners from the public and private sectors to impart knowledge and skills for enhancing work performance and career prospects.

From the next academic year, we will have PhD and M.A programmes. The hallmark of our programmes is the emphasis on analytical skills, analytics and critical thinking to address the nation’s contemporary governance and public policy challenges.

Our programmes are being designed to meet the demands of public policymaking and governance, with an emphasis on capacity building among the following groups:

  • Civil servants with the Centre and State Governments;
  • The IES, the ISS and other officers who need to use tools and techniques for the impact assessment of public policies;
  • Judicial officers, ILS, and Regulators who deal with the economic and policy dimensions of various branches of the law;
  • Practicing lawyers who aim to engage with the economic analysis of the law.
  • Executives and other individuals from the private sector actively engaged with government agencies on public policy and governance issues.

Delivery of our programmes aims to ensure the active participation of policy practitioners and judicial officers, to bring an interdisciplinary perspective. We collaborate with various professional organisations to leverage our expertise, experience, and resources.
We work under the supervision of the Administration and the EC of the DU. The UGC regulations for IOE and GFR apply to us.

Lectures and Conferences organized by Delhi School of Public Policy & Governance

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