Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance



The Delhi School of Public Policy and Governance (DSP&G) at the University of Delhi has been established under Ordinance XX of the University. The DSP&G aims to serve as the key platform to promote and foster excellence in Public Policy and Governance studies, research and outreach, and policy making. The School shall be the University’s interface for engaging with the wider community of academics and practitioners in initiating, developing and sharing ideas to address various emerging domestic and international public policy challenges. More important, the School shall fill the existing void in building a specialized and efficient cadre of professionals dedicated to public service in India.
The University recognizes the aspirations of the larger society to meet the need of developing fresh and improving existing public service and its delivery. The School aims to particularly address the challenges of policy making in general and the growing public disenchantment with the quality of public service professionals in particular. The University, through the School, envisages to make a major intervention in the way Public Policy and Governance are viewed, developed and practiced. The existing architecture of public service is seen as falling short of expectations in running the citizens’ affairs with regard to social, political, economic, legal and environmental concerns. A major reason for the disconnect between the ideal of Public Policy and Governance vis-à-vis common peoples’ expectations are due to the weak foundations of the policy making process and lack of rootedness in the broader Indian ethos. The School shall, therefore, dedicate itself to developing a basic philosophy of governance and policy making, contextualized in the fundamental principles of justice – the Dharma in ancient India – encompassing ethics, individual morality, righteousness, truth, commitment to uphold the rule of law – the Constitution – precedence to the collective welfare over the individual interests, among others. At the same time the School shall have a global outlook and draw upon the international best practices in academics and practice.
The School shall be under the overall supervision of the Executive Council of the University of Delhi.